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M.E.D.I.C., Inc. :
Our 'focus' is on you & your practice

Why Change Now?

Many providers wait until it’s too late to explore options presented by billing companies – either they have found a systemic problem with their in-house billing staff, they need an additional exam room yesterday, their practice management software needs to be updated and they do not want to incur that capital expenditure…. The reality is that such issues go unnoticed for many years, costing practices thousands of dollars. Further, in this tenuous medical reimbursement atmosphere, every penny matters. By collaborating with a third party billing company, you will be maximizing your practice’s assets:

  • A physician’s office’s primary goal is to provide exemplary medical care to its patients. Conversely, a third-party billing company’s primary goal is to bill all charges/file all claims properly and to maximize collections to the provider. By collaborating with an outside billing company, providers are meeting both goals!
  • Medical billing is heavily regulated – and more so every day. A primary function of a third party billing company is to stay abreast of such changing rules and regulations: at the state and federal level, in addition to those policies and procedures of the many carriers. M.E.D.I.C., Inc.’s staff regularly attend specialty-specific and legal seminars related to medical billing in order to continually enhance its knowledge base so you don’t have to.
  • A third-party billing company is incentivized to collect every penny owed, for often (as is the case with M.E.D.I.C., Inc.), the third-party billing company is compensated based on the revenues collected (as opposed to billed or a flat fee) for the provider. We are not on salary, so every penny legitimately owed counts!
  • Transferring your billing operations out-of-house will free up valuable office “real estate” for income-producing opportunities, such as additional exam room(s).
  • A third-party billing company is more likely to employ certified professionals. For example: M.E.D.I.C., Inc. has seven certified professional coders (through American Association of Professional Coders) on staff, one certified auditor, and an attorney.

Why M.E.D.I.C., Inc.?

Now that you have decided to explore working with a third-party billing company, why should you choose M.E.D.I.C., Inc.?

  • While the process of billing medical claims is very production-oriented, we at M.E.D.I.C., Inc. do NOT deem our client services a “one-size-fits-all” package. We fervently believe in providing superior customer service to our clients. And to that end, we strive to tailor our services to the differing needs of each client, so as to best serve each client practice. So, why choose M..E.D.I.C, Inc.?
  • We Are Knowledgeable Billing Professionals. M.E.D.I.C., Inc. is fully aware that medical billing is complicated and replete with constantly changing rules. As such, M.E.D.I.C., Inc. employs a knowledgeable staff, which has a combined total of over 225 years of practice management and billing experience. Among this staff are seven AAPC Certified Professional Coders, a certified auditor and an attorney. We are dedicated to the complicated practice of medical billing, and because of this narrowed focus of expertise, are able to keep abreast of changing rules and regulations; we are constantly participating in educational seminars specific to the practice specialties that we service, or general medical billing principles. Such expertise ensures that clean claims are filed at the outset, reducing the time between filing and reimbursement. Further, M.E.D.I.C., Inc. is eager to work with practices to provide coding and reimbursement education to you and your staff, which ultimately maximizes reimbursement.
  • M.E.D.I.C., Inc. Is Committed To Compliance. M.E.D.I.C., Inc. is committed to fostering and maintaining a compliant environment (both HIPAA and otherwise), to the benefit of both our clients and their patients. To this end, M.E.D.I.C., Inc. constantly monitors both state and federal statutes, rules and regulations (both governmental and those of third-party payers) to ensure that both M.E.D.I.C., Inc. and its clients are operating in a compliant manner. Additionally, M.E.D.I.C., Inc. constantly monitors and researches credits and refund payments owed to third-party payers or patients, thereby ensuring that its clients sufficiently comply with their refund obligations. And not only does M.E.D.I.C., Inc. have seven certified professional coders on staff, it also had a Certified Auditor who is available to perform chart reviews to ensure that our clients are coding appropriately.Collaborating With M.E.D.I.C., Inc. Is Cost Effective & Reduces Your HR Headaches. By collaborating with M.E.D.I.C., Inc. for your medical billing needs, you are freeing up your office staff and space to do what you do best – care for your patients. Some efficiencies that are realized through the use of a third party billing company are as follows:
      • No financial burden relating to costly practice management systems
      • Reduced costs relating to employee benefits, for fewer office staff
      • No billing staff employee absenteeism
      • No delay in cash flows during absenteeism
      • Increased, more predictable cash-flow
      • Aggressive pursuit of Accounts Receivable (incentivized by the fact that billing company is compensated based on a percentage of monies collected)
      • M.E.D.I.C., Inc. employs the most current coding & reimbursement techniques
      • Detailed management & negotiating reports
      • Daily electronic filing
  • M.E.D.I.C., Inc. Values Technology. M.E.D.I.C., Inc. utilizes Allscripts Professional –a state of the art practice management software – to file claims with all third party payors. Most often, this is done (even secondary filings) electronically (i.e., unless the payor is not equipped to accept electronic transmissions), which ensures that clients receive their compensation expeditiously. Additionally, M.E.D.I.C., Inc. scans all documents using Optical Character Recognition, so as to facilitate searches of scanned documents, from which our staff work – we strive to be a paperless office in all elements of the revenue management cycle!